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A double CD, part 2 of a conversation with Bob McEwen covering today's top topics.
Topics Include:

  • What makes America unique? The Free Enterprise System.
  • Government is a third-party purchaser.
  • Why do we have ups and downs in the market?
  • What does “bailout” mean?
  • Why are we in trouble? Fannie Mae and investing explained.
  • Good behavior and bad behavior rewarded.
  • How does debt work?
  • How does this compare to past crises?
  • Did the government respond well to the Great Depression?
  • Can we make the government run like a business?
  • Compare rich and poor countries and cities.
  • Why shouldn’t the rich pay more?
  • How do we level the playing field?
  • How can we show compassion without the government?
  • What if they take away deductions for charity?
  • How do we protect those who are hurting?
  • What about health care and health insurance?
  • How does corruption fit into this?
  • Do you think the wealth gap is growing?
  • It isn’t that complicated, is it?
  • What, again, is socialism?



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